Book in for a recreation/fitness class at the Rolleston Community Centre

  • Classes must be paid before attendance - you can pay with a concession card, at the Centre before class (except 6am classes) or online.
  • Follow all health & safety instructions and directions onsite.
  • Please cancel your booking if you cannot make it. Follow the link in the booking confirmation email. In fairness to all, if you repeatedly fail to attend classes without cancelling in advance, staff may remove future bookings and deny your attendance.
  • Please do not arrive more than 30 minutes before your class begins.

Is this your first Spin Class?
If this is your first booking and you are attending a 6am class please ring the centre on 3472882 so we can explain where you need to go, as the centre is not fully open at this time.
If you could ensure you arrive 10 minutes before the class then the tutor will be able to assist you setting your bike up for the first time.

Please choose a session:

Full classes:Spin, Thu 21st Jan, 6:15pm. Lincoln has an available class Thu 21st Jan, 6:00pm
Spin, Fri 22nd Jan, 9:00am.
Spin, Mon 25th Jan, 9:00am.

Your Details:

In fairness to others please provide 2 hours' notice of cancellation, if you add your email address you will be able to cancel online.
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