Welcome to Selwyn District Council.
Please check-in below before proceeding:

Due to the current pandemic situation, we are registering all members of the public who visit us, for contact tracing purposes.

Privacy Statement: This information will only be used for purposes relating to Covid-19 potential exposure and will be retained only as long as required under Government Alert Level guidelines.

Which site are you checking into?
What is your full name?
Please provide a phone number (mobile or landline) that we can contact you on if necessary
What is your email address (if you have one)?
I declare that in the last 14 days I have NOT:
  • arrived into NZ from overseas
  • been in contact with someone with COVID-19 symptoms (* see below)
  • had any COVID-19 symptoms (* see below)

If any of the above apply, please do not proceed into the Customer Services Centre, and leave the building maintaining safe distancing. You can contact the Council Customer Services Team by calling 0800 Selwyn (735 996) or use the Contact Us form on www.selwyn.govt.nz

Typical Covid-19 symptoms include: a cough, high temperature (at least 38C), shortness of breath, sore throat, sneezing and runny nose, and/or temporary loss of smell.