Welcome to our staff wellbeing check-in: 'Are You OK?'

We know the current pandemic situation can be challenging and impacts us in different ways. 'Are You OK?' gives all Council staff a chance to record how you are feeling and how we can support you to be at your best.

Are You OK is voluntary, but we encourage all our people to complete it at least weekly. We will identify actions that Council can take to support our people, at an organisation and individual level. Your answers will be only seen by the PCC team, who will then take appropriate action depending on your response.

If you have any questions, please contact Tracy Copping or Sara Shea in People, Capability and Culture Team.

What is your full name?

How are you feeling today?

Do you want to provide more detail on why you are feeling the way you do today?
Yes      No

Do you have any questions/concerns/suggestions you would like to raise?
Yes      No

Would you like someone to contact you?
Yes      No

If yes, who would you prefer to contact you?

My manager/supervisor     People, Capability and Culture Team member     Other (detail below)

Do you need any additional support to work safely and effectively from your current location?
Yes      No

What topics are you interested in learning more about relating to Health, Safety and Wellbeing?
Our HSW team will use this to build a relevant programme of activities.