Selwyn District Council Staff Skills Inventory

Your role has been identified as being impacted if we moved to level 3 and therefore we would like your input to assist our planning. This survey seeks your feedback on:

  • What skills do you have that could be used on a temporary basis during level 3?
  • What other ideas do you have for activities which our staff could complete during level 3 to support our communities and Council?

    Your information will be captured in a database and used to match people to opportunities, should we be in a position where there is a reduction in our business as usual work in level 3. Your information will be held securely and only be accessed the People, Capability and Culture team and leaders involved in redeploying kaimahi.

    If you have any questions, please contact your people leader or ( or 027 366 4528) in People, Capability and Culture Team.

    Please be assured that if you are invited to consider alternative duties in level 3, we would ensure you have the right training and any relevant equipment to work safely.

    Whilst we hope we won't have to move to level 3, we are conscious of rapidly changing events. Therefore could you please complete this by 5pm Friday 25th September.

    Thank you for taking the time to fill in this survey.

  • Skills Inventory
    Name: *
    (Required, please use full name)
    Skills: Please indicate which of the following skills you have (tick as many as apply)
    Please specify any other skills
    Qualifications: *
    (Required, write 'Nil' if none)
    Please list any other qualifications you have which could be of benefit to supporting other community or Council projects and opportunities
    Hours: Please let us know, if you are a casual/part-time, if there would be any flexibility in working hours
    - See last tickbox
    - See last tickbox
    Vehicle: *
    Do you have access to a car and would you be prepared to travel within the district if you could claim mileage?
    Other activities/projects: Are there any other activities/projects within our community or Council that you are aware of which could be completed during level 3 and would support local communities? Our PCC team will use this to build a relevant database of potential local groups we could provide support to.