Solicitor Rates Enquiry

This Solicitor Rates Enquiry form is to be used by all solicitor and law agencies acting on behalf of their clients in the sale of their property.

This will ensure that you receive all the rating information that you need to perform the rating apportionment between the vendor and purchaser of the property.

Please complete the data fields and press Submit at the bottom of the page. Your enquiry will then be delivered to one of our staff, who will send the relevant rating information back to you by email within two working days.

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If the client has a Healthy Home balance you need to contact Environment Canterbury (contact details)

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Where a final reading is requested, two day's notice is required by our contractors. Final reading administration fee is $50.00. Where a final reading is not requested, you are responsible for any water charges.

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This online rating information service is provided to solicitors in accordance with the inspection of rates records provision of the Local Government (Rating) Act 2002. Before continuing please complete the following confirmation.

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