Township Water Use

3.9 litres per second
As of Jun 25 2021 3:13:36 pm

The 'Water Use' status illustrates through a traffic light display the current demand on the water supply in litres per second.

Green (0-40 l/s) - The system is experiencing normal use.

Orange (40-50 l/s) - If current use is continued for an extended period of time reservoir storage will become depleted, please reduce your water usage. Limit lawn and garden watering.

Red (> 50 l/s) - System capacity is becoming stretched, pressure drops may occur should water use remain at this level. Avoid lawn and garden watering.

Reservoir Capacity

95.6% full
As of Jun 25 2021 3:15:00 pm

The 'Reservoir' status illustrates the current reservoir capacity, with 100% being reservoir is full.